When she meets Sasuke he says that its nothing to do with her and leaves it at that. Naruto and sarada goes to meet up with sasuke for the first time. This let Sarada summon a devestating punch that knockout Sasami and destroy her Cursed Seal collar. But, to be fair, Saradas dad has tried to kill saradas mom and borutos dad. One moment later Sasuke also appears. Karin is Sarada mom.. oor maybe sakura and karin are related, we do not know who sakura's parents are. I am prescribed vyvanse 40mg and I cant see my primary care physician anymore because he retired and they will not write me another script for it until i see another doctor which wont be until the end of February ive tried to call and reason with them since ive been on this medication for years. Sasuke explained proud of his wife. You are suspicious." Sarada. she asked. I JUST READ THE MOST RECENT CHAPTER OF NARUTO GAIDEN AND IT TURNS OUT SARADAS MOM IS REALLY KARIN!! She only said that Karin is not my mother." Well he replied, and confirmed that Sakura is the mother. After that, the family returned to Konoha to raise Sarada, where the two h… Has Sakura expressed signs of love towards Naruto? Sarada Uchiha is a character of the manga and anime series Naruto. Her assumption is based on a photo she saw in chapter 700+1 of Karin standing next to Sasuke, who she believes to be her biological father. "Dad?" I know they gave Sarada her mom's super strength but if Karin was her mother then they could have made it so she was born with a rinnegan or at least unlock the rinnegan later in the show. I JUST READ THE MOST RECENT CHAPTER OF NARUTO GAIDEN AND IT TURNS OUT SARADAS MOM IS REALLY KARIN!! So the minute possibility turned out to be true. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. conai onaru "Wait so Mom fought against the Kazekage?" Karin (the other girl you're talking about). He looked at her as a sing that he is listening. ]My beautiful mom] Mikoto Uchiha [My cute daughter] Sarada Uchiha. This is the evidence of Mom not being my mother. 20th Mar 2018 | 24 notes. When she arrived did she run to her father. Sasuke and Karin together and Sasuke has a babe with Karin! How to choose a game for a 3 year-old child? Sarada finds out the truth about her real mom. 4:16. "Who is this woman to you?" Forum software by XenForo™ © 2010-2019 XenForo Ltd. You must log in or register to reply here. And Sarada's recent outburst only points to her apologizing later on. Is Karin maybe dead? Am i also the only one that thinks sarada would be much stronger and a more interesting character if karin was her actually mother instead … Press J to jump to the feed. Was wood used in the construction of the TU-144? 1 The Couple 2 Their Relationship 2.1 Prologue 2.2 New Era 2.2.1 Academy Arc 2.2.2 Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring Arc 2.2.3 School Trip Arc 2.2.4 Boruto Novel 5: The Last Day at the Ninja Academy! … She is the daughter of Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno. stated Deidara looking around Suna. The scenes where Sarada is at home have been the best opportunities to see her bare feet so far. How ? Sakura is Sarada’s mom (NO to SK) Okay I read the chapter early in the morning but couldn’t check the discussions until the night. May 23, 2015 4 min read. Naruto Gaiden : BORUTO Manga Newest Series Release, Karin Sarada's Mother?! I’m pretty surprised how so many of you still think that Sarada is Karin’s daughter. The most obvious answer is she is the child of Sasuke and Karin and that Sakura is acting her mother for unknown reasons.

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