Sushi Yoshitake has opened its arms wider with a new Ginza location with more seats than before and a new private room, giving more people the opportunity to dine on its delectable three-star sushi. Children: Well-mannered children under the age of 12 are permitted in our Private Sushi Counter with chef’s approval.. The chefs are flown in from Japan, and Sushi Shikon has a sister restaurant in the Ginza district in Tokyo called Sushi Yoshitake which it is very obviously a carbon copy of. Raw Ingredients: We cannot offer menus free of raw ingredients. Mr. Kakinuma is a pride to his master. Originally also called Sushi Yoshitake, the Hong Kong location changed its name to Sushi Shikon after confusion arose from people booking at one location and showing up at another (oops!). This place is the Hong Kong branch of it with its former sous chef at its helm. Tentu saja ada restoran Jepang besar lainnya di HK selama 20-30% dari harga Sushi Shikon. The Lowdown Restaurant Name: Sushi Shikon Cuisine: Japanese Average Price per Person: Starting at HKD 1,800 or $230 USD for Lunch / HKD 3,500 or $450 USD for Dinner Location: Sheung Wan, Hong Kong (see map below for details) Recommendations: Omakase (set meal). Sushi Shikon is one of the places Venus Chi likes to go in Hong Kong for great omakase. Corkage Policy: For every 4 guests, one bottle is allowed. Experience authentic Edomae sushi at our tranquil restaurant overlooking the city skyline. Sushi Shikon is located in the boutique hotel, the Mercer, and is the outpost of Sushi Yoshitake (also with 3*s). Orders can be picked up directly from Sushi Shikon on the 7th floor of Landmark Mandarin Oriental the following day between 11:00am to 12:00pm. Japanese King prawn – this was engulfed immediately. Each Futomaki box is placed in a stylish carry bag and includes home made soya sauce, ginger and chopsticks. Sushi Shikon is the authentic edomae sushi experience in Hong Kong! All of the food is seasonally sourced. Before i went to 3*Sushi Yoshitake in Tokyo, i found the price of its Hong Kong branch is almost 2X compare to Tokyo - you are expected … Kitchen: Japanese Area: Central Price range: High end. It serves the Edo style sushi where the rice is seasoned with red vinegar. The Edomae sushi omakase (chef’s choice) menu offers six appetisers and ten pieces of nigiri followed by soup and dessert, while at lunchtime there is a shorter, good-value option. Nigiri course – 1800 hkd, including 12 nigiri sushi pieces, appetizer, soup, dessert. Sushi Shikon serves edomae sushi. Home; About; Contact; Sushi Shikon. Second helping of sea urchin sushi, and Tamago with shrimp paste behind the glorious sea urchin! The eight seater counter is comfortable and luxurious, and Chef Kakinuma is a most charming host. Sushi Shikon is operated by Sushi Yoshitake Limited.

I need to come back. Chef Kakinuma moved Sushi Shikon from Sheung Wan to the Landmark Mandarin Oriental in mid-2019. Book Online. With Yoshiharu “Kaki” Kakinuma at the helm, the three Michelin-starred venue presents traditional Edomae sushi using the best ingredients from Japan. We were dropped off by the taxi driver at Holiday Inn Express Jervois St., which is still a block away. Sushi Shikon. 志魂Sushi Shikon's Menu, located at The Mercer, 29 Jervois Street Sheung Wan. The chef offers a single Omakase course of 6 appetizers, 10 sushi pieces, soup and dessert (3500 hkd). Its so tender yet soft and had the perfect texture. The three Michelin-starred Edomae sushi bar is moving to Landmark Mandarin Oriental in May 2019. Sushi Shikon, Hong Kong. VISIT RESTAURANT WEBPAGE Interestingly, the restaurant first opened as Sushi Yoshitake but because of clients making for one restaurant and then showing up at the other, the owners soon … CONTACT INFORMATION Sushi Shikon 7/F, Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong, 15 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong Telephone Reservations : +(852) 2643 6800 Mon-Sat 11:3am-8:30pm Hong Kong, China. In collaboration with Master Chef Yoshitake of Ginza’s Three-Michelin Starred Sushi Yoshitake and Hong Kong’s Three-Michelin Starred Sushi Shikon, Kappo Rin focuses on both cooked and raw items prepared to highlight the inherent flavors of ingredients imported fresh … Sushi Shikon Restaurant, $$$$, Japanese, Central. Sushi Shikon, the first international branch of Sushi Yoshitake founded by master chef Masahiro Yoshitake in Ginza, Japan, is the proud recipient of three Michelin stars in the Hong Kong/Macau MICHELIN guide for four consecutive years, and is known for masterfully recreating the Ginza sushi experience outside of Japan. Untuk restoran tingkat ini, saya mengharapkan sesuatu yang unik dan mudah diingat. Formerly known as Sushi Yoshitake, Sushi Shikon is a 3 Star Michelin Restaurant with an eight seat counter and a six seat private dining room. Sushi Shikon has only eight seats at their sushi counter and a six-seat private room at its home in the unassuming Mercer Hotel in Sheung Wan; the entire experience feels as though you could be in Japan, shut away from the outside world with nothing but the rhythmic sound of fresh wasabi being grated on a sharkskin grater in front of you. It is also the MOST expensive omakase restaurants in HK. In any case, if you do decide to bite the bullet, you certainly won’t leave Sushi Shikon feeling cheated! Check out more foodie adventures from Michelle on her blog, Chopstixfix! Sushi Shikon is 3 Michelin stars Japanese restaurant in Hong Kong. Yoshiharu Kakinuma now runs the Sushi Shikon restaurant in Hong Kong, one of the island’s best. Piring yang tersisa memiliki eksekusi yang bagus, tapi rasanya enak. Sushi Shikon, originally named Sushi Yoshitake after its main branch in Tokyo’s Ginza district and rebranded to its present namesake in 2013, is set in the unassuming Mercer Hotel in bustling Sheung Wan. OAD Top 100+ Asia (44th/100). Sushi Shikon is the second location of Sushi Yoshitake from Tokyo. Dari seluruh menu, saya akan mengatakan bahwa unagui adalah yang terbaik.
Déjà vu! The restaurant was founded by master chef Masahiro Yoshitake, and is the first international branch of his three-Michelin-star Sushi Yoshitake in Ginza, Tokyo. For information or reservation, please contact the Sushi Shikon reservation agent on +852 2643 6800. I loved Sushi Yoshitake in Tokyo. Sushi Shikon is the last restaurant i had left among all the Michelin 3 star restaurants in Hong Kong for few years. Michelin starred. Sushi Shikon, Hong Kong Sushi Shikon The Mercer, 29 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong 2643 6800 Menu. I first heard of Sushi … Despite the amount of food the chef pases it out perfectly. Sushi Shikon, Hong Kong Tucked away in a corner of the ground floor of an unpretentious spot in Sheung Wan, Sushi Shikon is easy to miss. Lunch: Reservation only, minimum booking 4 guests. Sushi Shikon is a 3 Michelin star restaurant at Jervois Street. Opens at: 12:00keyboard_arrow_down. First opened in 2012 under the name Sushi Yoshitake, Masahiro Yoshitake’s acclaimed restaurant has cemented itself as one of the most reputable sushi-ya in Hong Kong as Sushi Shikon. The menu is a single fixed course set according to the finest daily ingredients from Japan, flown to Hong Kong, and delivered still live to the restaurant. 1,824 were here. It was awarded 3 Michelin stars like its predecessors formerly known as Sushi Yoshitake- which is just like the original Sushi Yoshitake in Tokyo. Sushi chef Yoshiharu Kakinuma has no trouble recalling the worst customer ever at Sushi Shikon, the three-Michelin-star restaurant that opened in Hong Kong six years ago. 志魂Sushi Shikon's Photos, located at The Mercer, 29 Jervois Street Sheung Wan. And even if you do see it, you’re likely to mistake it for a public toilet, rather than recognise it for what it actually is – a Michelin 3-star restaurant! So is it the best Sushi omakase restaurants in Hong Kong? Sushi Shikon is 3 Michelin stars Japanese restaurant in Hong Kong. Sushi Shikon is 3 Michelin stars Japanese restaurant in Hong Kong. Sushi Shikon, The Mercer Hotel, 29 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, +852 9697 6800, Hanabi If you’re looking for world-class Japanese dining on the Kowloon side, look no further than Hanabi, Privé Group’s Japanese omakase bar which has rightfully taken its place amongst Hong Kong’s collection of fine sushi restaurants. Mon - Sat 12:00-14:00 18:00-20:00; Sun Close Make a reservation at Sushi Yoshitake. As our editor Celia explains, Edomae sushi is distinguished from your run-of-the-mill sushi mainly by the quality of the fish.Edo literally means Tokyo, and Edomae sushi was developed around the early 1800s as a form of fast food which can be eaten quickly with one hand. Selengkapnya Elji Ichimura NewYork, like London, is a city teeming with sushi delivery and sushi takeaway joints , but for sushi aficionados, the hidden Ichimura restaurant, home to … Previously located in Sheung Wan, Sushi Shikon moved to the Landmark Mandarin Oriental in May last year, when it also received a more luxurious fit-out in keeping with its reputation. Please inform us of any allergies or special dietary restrictions when during reservation. The two-Michelin-starred Sushi Saito celebrates the freshest seasonal seafood, hand-picked by Chef Takashi Saito every morning at Tokyo’s Toyosu Market and transported to Hong Kong on the same day. Sushi Shikon offers a single Omakase style dinner- 6 appetizers, 10 sushi pieces, miso soup & desser- in an intimate 8 person setting.

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