pubescens Elymus triticoides Beardless wildrye (Leymus triticoides) Plant Guide Subject: Beardless wildrye (Leymus triticoides) is a cool-season, perennial, sod-forming native grass. triticoides Elymus orcuttianus Elymus triticoides var. seeds Fourth Corner Nurseries: PROFILE : Bellingham, WA 98226: Granite Seed Co: PROFILE : Lehi, UT 84043: Stevenson Intermountain Seed: PROFILE : Ephraim UT: ... Leymus triticoides. Forage: Moderately palatable to all livestock, especially in the early stages of growth. Seeding Rate: 15-20# pls drilled rate 25-30# pls broadcast rate. Leymus triticoides, Creeping (or beardless) Wildrye (old nomenclature: Elymus triticoides) (Native) Medium to tall, 1½ – 4 ft., perennial, cool-season, drought-tolerant, rhizomatous, sod-forming grass. Leymus triticoides (Buckley) Pilg. Good tolerance to alkaline and saline soils. Leymus triticoides 'Grey Dawn' Plant Communities: Yellow Pine Forest Red Fir Forest Lodgepole Forest Subalpine Forest Foothill Woodland Chaparral Valley Grassland wetland-riparian. This grass grows on mostly heavy soils in riparian areas, bottomlands, valleys, foothills, mountain flats and meadows from coastal marshes to high elevations. Basin wildrye [Leymus cinereus (Scribn. Leymus triticoides. Description. Season: Cool. and Merr.) annually. Beardless Wildrye is a perennial, cool season, native sod-forming grass. are native perennial grasses cultivated for seed used for fire rehabilitation and revegetation in western North America. Good palatability, especially early in spring. Life Span: Perennial. Although L. cinereus produces large spike inflorescences with many seeds, it is prone to seed shattering. Origin: Native. Formerly Elymus triticoides.Also called Creeping wildrye. Leymus triticoides – Creeping Wild Rye. Adapted to a wide range of soil types. It is used for reclamation of saline soils and for soil stabilization. Be the first to review “Leymus triticoides – Creeping Wild Rye” Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a review. Synonyms: Elymus condensatus var. Show All Show Tabs beardless wildrye General Information ... Elymus condensatus J. Presl var. Adapted to a wide variety of soils as long as they are subirrigated, wet or occur in precipitation zones receiving more than 7 in. Seed and rhizomes were harvested from test plots at the Lockeford Plant Materials Center and used for testing throughout the Mediterranean climate in California. Leymus triticoides (Buckley) Pilg. Seeds Per Pound: 170,000 Reviews There are no reviews yet. Keywords It is typically at least 20” tall with strong rhizomes. Winter Break CLOSED December 24th - 26th, OPEN 27th-28th, CLOSED December 29th-January 1st 2021 Additional Seed Selection Guidance. Cool season, long-lived, loose sod-forming perennial with an extensive root system. Á. Löve] and creeping wildrye [Leymus triticoides (Buckley) Pilg.] Leymus triticoides: 3.1: Total: 33.0: Total seed application rate on the Erosion Control Legend should be 33.0 lb PLS/ac. triticoides (Buckley) Thurb.