3+ pallets is $295* per pallet *This price is not for installation. ZOYSIA is a summer grass - available Spring 2021 • Retail and Wholesale • Cut Fresh for each customer • Brookmeade offers Pick Up at our Farm, Delivery Only (for you to install) and Expert Installation to your prepared grade. We suggest using plugs because the seed is very slow to germinate, making it difficult to establish a lawn in one season. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Sod & Sodding Service in Huntsville, AL. Because Zoysia is a warm season grass, your desired result will be best achieved when the plugs are exposed to as much light as possible. Zoysia grass has the potential to be the best-looking grass in the neighborhood. In addition to being lower maintenance, Palisades is known for being more drought and shade tolerant than many other turf varieties. Choosing sod for lawns is easy because there are many types of sod in Florida that can be grown in shade or full Sun. Cold Hardiness: Floratam’s cold hardiness is an advantage to the consumer in the central parts of Florida. While they are still taking over, you want to keep your lawn mowed to 1 ½” to 2” so grasses surrounding the plugs do not overshadow your plugs. It shares the drought and shade resistance of the other varieties. Our trays have 70 plugs and will cover 70 sq. Zoysia Sod Farms in Huntsville on YP.com. We Perform installation of sod grass in Jacksonville Florida. Founded in 1985 in Whitesburg, Georgia, NG Turf is a premier grower and distributor of turf grass serving the needs of landscapers, golf course developers and superintendents, athletic field managers, municipalities, and homeowners. This fine textured grass has been called the “most beautiful zoysia on the market today.” Turfgrass professionals and consumers alike often note Zeon’s “Wow Factor”. Zoysia Plugs ordered in fall/winter will arrive dormant and will be brown in color, but will green up soon after warm weather returns. Zeon Zoysia is America’s #1 Zoysiagrass. Its is bred to be cold, drought, and disease resistant which makes it work especially well from New York south into the Carolinas. Please read note below on Empire Zoysia and planting in northern states. Empire Zoysia has a tight root system that leaves very little room for weeds to grow through. Zeon is shade-tolerant, but unlike Emerald, does not have a prickly feel. Sod & Sodding Service Landscaping & Lawn Services Landscape Contractors (1) Website (901) 297-2927. Zoysia is a beautiful sun-loving and drought-resistant grass, that needs less mowing and watering. EMPIRE Zoysia is available only in 400 square foot pallets . Zion is extremely low maintenance and … Back in 1973, the University of South Florida and Texas A&M released Floratam Sod. Mow frequently enough that only one-third of the grass blade is removed at every mowing. EMPIRE Zoysia has a beautiful dark green color, is drought tough, has a soft/crunchy texture, and is more durable than other grasses. Not only will Zeon Zoysia™ yield one of the finest and most resilient turf surfaces available, Zeon is considered by many to be the most beautiful of all of the warm-season turfgrass cultivars. El Toro zoysia is propagated by plugs or sod, or carpets of grass. Carolina Fresh farms currently grows four varieties. Latitude 36 offers outstanding cold hardiness, high traffic tolerance and exceptional visual quality. Bryan Farm. The soil should then be amended to make the best growing medium for the zoysia grass. EMPIRE Turf is an improved Zoysia grass with soft-to-the-touch feel, tight-bladed growth and lush green color. First, if there’s already a lawn in place, it needs to be killed and then taken out. Geo Zoysia is a cultivar of Zoysia grass with a thin bladed leaf that forms a very lush lawn. This grass has a fine, soft texture and can be left unmowed as it only grows to a height of 6–12 inches (15–30 cm). Our Zoysia grass is desired due to its high salt tolerance. Royal Zoysia grass is a warm-season turf noted for its fine texture, excellent green color and lower growth habits. From Business: Bermuda & Zoysia Sod. Each one of these varieties has different appearances and characteristics. It is well-suited for quality lawns where regular maintenance and care is provided. Medium drought and high foot traffic tolerance help prevent damage from lack of rain and heavy lawn activity. Royal Zoysia was developed by Texas A&M University and released for sale in 2001, making it one of the newest fine-textured zoysia grasses available. And for good reason! Mowing starts in earnest this month. Zeon Zoysia is the #1 Selling Zoysia in America and our Best Seller. Zoysia Sod has a deep green color and is commonly used in both commercial and residential landscapes such as sport fields, golf courses, roadsides & medians. Zeon Zoysia™ will provide any landscape with "The Wow Factor". Latitude 36™ Bermudagrass is a high quality, sterile triploid hybrid developed by Oklahoma State University. Irrigation: After that, the soil beneath it can be tilled and underground sprinklers can be installed or repaired. At The Sod Lot, it's our mission to provide our customers with the highest quality of sod available.We provide weed-free sod that is grown locally in the same soil type that it will be installed in and harvested fresh daily. Our Zoysia Grass Plugs are a Nickel each, that's right a Nickel A Plug. 5. ** Zeon Zoysia **Developed, grown, tested and chosen for the 2016 Olympic Games Golf Tournament in Rio locally in the San Antonio area! Spring Branch Farm. Hernando, MS 38632. Grows best in sunny areas in the Southeast and Southwest. Zeon Zoysia is the one of the most shade tolerant warm season grasses available in Georgia and the Atlanta Area. Canton Landscaping. Once per week is usually sufficient. Zoysia Grass in Atlanta. We offer plugs in Zoysia and St. Augustine grass. Sod plugs are a simple way to repair damaged areas of a warm-season lawn or to establish a lawn when sod is not available or practical. Dig holes for your plugs. 4. A step-on plugger is a specialized plug-planting tool. Zoysia sod is a warm season grass that thrives in the southern United States. There are many types of sod for lawns. First discovered on the rocky cliffs, beach dunes and salt marshes of eastern Australia, Icon Zoysia is one of the most salt tolerant turf varieties available. Icon Zoysia is a naturally, emerald green zoysiagrass that is drought tolerant and quick to establish. *IMPORTANT NOTE: Empire Zoysia may experience winter damage planted in areas where colder winter temperatures occur for … Floratam Sod , which has the following features:. Nature Hills Nursery offers plugs of Zenith zoysia. We sell large 3" x 3" Plugs. Zenith ® zoysia is also an improved variety with excellent color and exhibits good cold tolerance. from center provides coverage for 64 sq. Its gorgeous deep green color, lush texture, and shade & drought tolerance make it the pride of the neighborhood. Dig each hole 1 inch (2.5 cm) wider and deeper than your plug so there is space to back-fill it with loose soil. 940-686-2700 5801 Simms Lane Cut Off Fax: 979-823-0142 Zeon Zoysia™ has literally become the ENVY of sod producers and turf breeders alike. All Sod is harvested to order - 5-lb bag of Zoysia grass seed creates a dense, weed-resistant turf with superb foot traffic tolerance. Using an auger, step-on plugger, or garden trowel, dig holes for your zoysia plugs. Our Zoysia Grass Plugs are living plugs that you only need to planted one time. Please note there is a two pallet minimum and it takes at least 7 days for us to make it available for pickup or delivery. ft. of sod/turf once established Grows into a beautiful minimal maintenance lawn - mature plugs are already producing runners Zoysia plugs ordered in fall/winter will arrive dormant and won't be in full color until warmer weather returns Emerald zoysia is less hardy but more shade tolerant than Meyer Zoysia. Cost of Empire Zoysia: $300* per pallet of 450 square feet. Don't waste time sowing grass seed that may not even take root. Handling as little as 4 hours of sun, Zeon Zoysia has been a suitable replacement for many Fescue yards in Metro Atlanta. When purchasing zoysia sod, you can be sure that your lawn or golf course will thrive in the Atlanta summers and remain functional for the remainder of the year. Sod & Sodding Service (662) 560-7134. Palisades Zoysia, the most popular Zoysia-grass in Central Texas, is a dark green, medium-coarse textured lawn grass. Visually, EMPIRE is an extremely attractive turf grass for … ** Zeon is a new variety that is similar to Emerald in appearance, with a fine-bladed leaf texture. Dig a 3” deep hole for each plug (12-16″ apart). Zenith® Zoysia Grass - sold by the square foot. One tray of 18 planted 12” to 16″ apart will cover 50 square feet. All of the other plugs we sell are not recommended for northern US state areas. Palisades is one of the newest varieties cultivated on our farm. … Zoysia Read More » University tests agree, Zeon Zoysia is truly something special. Today, there are as many as a dozen varieties easily available to the consumer. Installation of Sod Lawn. It is for pallets picked up at our office. Sun Tolerance: Floratam loves direct sunlight and tolerates partial shade (less than 20%). Emerald zoysia is a fine-textured hybrid zoysia that is one of the most attractive of the zoysia grasses. Insect and disease resistance keep your lawn vibrant and healthy EMPIRE Zoysia has definitely raised the bar for competing grasses throughout Orlando, Florida. Just like many other zoysia grasses, Royal will grow in partially shaded … Royal Zoysia Sod Read More » Lawn Types ST. AUGUSTINE Floratam Sod. It was rated highly in the NTEP (National Turfgrass Evaluation Program) trials for resistance to spring dead spot and for wear tolerance. Mow St. Augustine at 3 inches tall, Bermuda at 1.5 inches, zoysia at 2 inches tall and buffalo grass at 5 inches. This video is a brief overview of how to use the ProPlugger to plant plugs from sod.