For those who don't know, New York City is so large that is has five county-level administrative districts called boroughs: The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. If you don’t find your question, submit it and he’ll be glad to answer it in a future video. If you'd like to read more about zoonotic diseases that hedgehogs can carry -if they are exposed to it – please read this. Four-toed hedgehogs are legal. Where to adopt your hedgehog. Violations are issued when appropriate. AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: Heavenly Hedgies is an Amazon Associate. Be that as it may, almost every other state in the nation allows these harmless tiny creatures to be kept as pets similar to a gerbil, hamster, etc. In Maine, New Jersey and Wyoming, USA, a permit is required. “They’re not actually from these parts, from Pennsylvania, or even the United States for that matter,” Zimmerman said. Hedgehogs are usually considered an exotic animal and may be classified invasive or dangerous in some areas. We at Hamor Hollow are still researching this location. • Inclusion of red shiner, certain species of tilapia, paddlefish, sturgeon, Chinese mystery snail, and false dark mussel as restricted live wildlife as all are non-native to Arizona and pose significant threat to native species. Hedgehogs are an Internet sensation. That’s how much people love hedgehogs. They aren't rodents or pestilence. Who wouldn't want to own a hedgie? You read it here with proof: Residents of New Jersey must have an $10 annual permit to own a hedgehog as a pet. Below is a list including simple explanations as to why these unfortunate regulations exist. You're unlikely to win because there's verbiage in the code that leaves law enforcement a wide berth. "The fuss is that African pygmy hedgehogs are legal in all but five states; Pennsylvania is in the minority. Shockingly, they may even euthanize a confiscated hedgehog. Third consideration and defeated on final passage, May 23, 2018 (71-120). There isn't really a reason for hedgehogs to be illegal in California. Until such time, if you want to own a hedgehog in Georgia, apply for the permit and pray they grant it. So what gives? Even a highly referenced source such as Wikipedia incorrectly stated it at the time of this post (Feb. 2020). “This whole experience has been a great learning opportunity for the entire Elm Street Elementary School’s 6th grade class. Thank you for being a loyal and supportive reader here at Heavenly Hedgies. Yes, there's a disclaimer. We are still researching to cite a source for domesticated hedgehogs. The bottom line is that hedgehogs are illegal in the state of Georgia unless you obtain a permit as referenced in O.C.G.A. Since hedgehogs are not specifically listed as an exempt exotic mammal, you must obtain an Individual Hobby permit according to NJ Administrative Code Section 7:25-4.2 & 7:25-4.6(a). 4488; amended May 29, 1992, effective July 1, 1992. We searched by using “exotic” and/or “hedgehog” as search terms. Nonetheless, our information comes straight from Wyoming's Game and Fish Department website. By law, wild or illegal animals may not be sold or kept as pets. A “household pet” is an animal from a traditional companion animal species: dog, domestic cat, ferret, hedgehog, pet bird, rabbit, or domestic rodent (gerbil, guinea pig, hamster, or domestic mouse or rat). • Prohibiting a person from allowing native desert tortoises to reproduce in captivity in an effort to reduce the number of unwanted captive desert tortoises. Bushbaby. Atlanta Pet-Sitters Are Available to Care for Your Pets Illegal/RestrictedUpdated: Sun 07-Apr-2019. Here’s why non-native animals like hedgehogs, sometimes desired as pets, are not a good idea or legal under current regulations. Or why are hedgehogs illegal? Here you … Clipping and Trimming Hedgehog Nails. These spiny animals were banned as pets in Fairfax County until Tuesday, Jan. 22, when the Board of Supervisors legalized hedgehogs as pets, as well as lifted the need for zoning permissions to keep chinchillas and hermit crabs. AUGUSTA – After receiving word that the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife added hedgehogs to the unrestricted animal list, the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Committee voted Ought Not to Pass on Senator Eric Brakey’s (R-Androscoggin) bill, LD 35. Hedgehogs are already legal in numerous states and should be legal pets in California too. They don't carry salmonella without being exposed to it – which is true of all animals – not just hedgehogs. Division of Wildlife (303) 297-1192 or 291-7440 Connecticut No permit required to possess. (a) Except as hereinafter provided, no person shall possess any nongame species or exotic species of any mammal, bird, reptile or amphibian unless such person has first received both the appropriate permit from the Department as listed in 7:25-4.6(a) as well as any other state, municipal, or Federal permits or licenses which may be required to possess such species. Another one. Potatoe, potato, tomatoe, tomato….make no mistake…. Hedgehogs are not a part of the natural wildlife anywhere in Pennsylvania. In our opinion, some of these states allow pets that are far more dangerous than a hedgehog could ever be. All other animals kept as pets, including dog hybrids, domestic cat hybrids, and exotic small cat species such as servals, are either considered livestock or exotic pets.“Importing” refers to animals being brought into Wisconsin during vacation travel as well as animals relocating permanently into the state. Requires certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI)Updated: Mon 08-Apr-2019. The county made the change because hedgehogs have become popular, and zoning officials said they have received an increasing number of inquiries about whether it was allowable to keep them as pets. There isn't really a reason for hedgehogs to be illegal in California. There isn't any negative environmental impact caused by you owning one. How Much Does a Hedgehog Cost? Many times this is due to local lawmakers misclassifying hedgehogs as the wrong species or simply not understanding what a hedgehog is. The State Veterinarian, Robert Cobb, has been quoted saying, “This has to do with spreading of disease to our domestic species, as well as our wildlife that is indigenous to the state of Georgia. While it’s forbidden to own individual hedgehogs as pets, it is legal to breed hedgehogs in the state of Georgia as long as the breeder has a permit, though the bred hedgehogs must be sold in other states. Under exotic and wild animal laws in the United States, hedgehogs are listed as illegal to keep … Fairfax joins Arlington and Loudoun counties as jurisdictions in Northern Virginia that permit hedgehogs. Before adding a hedgie to your family, it’s important to be sure that they are legal in your city, state, and county. Though pet hedgehogs are legal in most of the U.S., they are illegal to own in the states of Arizona, California, Georgia, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, as well as New York City, Washington, DC, and Fairfax County, VA. It has gone through the rumor mill that you can own a hedgehog in Georgia on a “technicality” since they aren't specifically listed in Section 27-5-5 (b)(1)(B). If personal ownership were possible for hedgehog species, it's likely that there would be similar requests for many other non-native species, putting California’s rich wildlife diversity at risk. Hedgehogs are legal in all of New England and most of the United States. Hedgehog Care. Per the California Department of Fish and Wildlife: There are at least 17 known species of hedgehogs. Before you rush to get a hedgehog to give them their forever home, please locate a qualified hedgehog veterinarian first. Per Georgia Department of Natural Resources Law Enforcement Division: The animals listed below are examples of the exotic species regulated under Georgia Law. While that may be true for some animals that have been banned, it's hardly applicable to African Pygmy hedgehogs. The above quote comes from a 2018 special permit application posted elsewhere on the internet. Be aware of the legal species: If you are thinking of having a hedgehog as a new member of your family, make sure that it is legal in your region, state, or country. Within New York City, the particular local legislation that governs making hedgehogs illegal is the New York City Public Health Code Title IV Part B Article 161.01 (b) (23). In fact, we weren't even able to download a special permit application anywhere on the Pennsylvania Game Commission website. Please be aware that misclassification is not a magical loophole and legal possession of a hedgehog is ultimately decided and enforced by local law enforcement. They were involved in the process from the very beginning, traveling to Augusta back in February for the day to testify at the public hearing for LD 35. This means they can be kept as household pets without any special permissions. Pennsylvania Legal Rights (Updated) 0. The Legislature, in Section 2118 of the Fish and Game Code, included all species of the Order Insectivora on its list of prohibited species. Zimmerman wants to make it legal to own hedgehogs. Suffice it to say that exotic animals can and have been seized in Pennsylvania. But so you can be sure, we'll tell you which states allow hedgies as pets. Hedgehogs are quiet, friendly, low-maintenance animals that would make great pets. Contact your local Ontario SPCA Animal Centre to see if there are … Simply find out what their requirements are and take the steps that are needed to comply. Hawaii. Australia: All hedgehogs are classified as exotic pets that are illegal to import. Exotic Pets That Can Be Legally Owned in Indiana. In the other states, it’s still legal to acquire weaned baby birds from pet stores. And that could be you, if you wanted: for a couple hundred bucks, you can legally purchase your very own living, breathing pine cone. We at Hamor Hollow are erring on the side of caution by listing hedgehogs as Illegal/Restricted in Georgia. Who could blame anyone that wants a hedgehog? Why can't I have a hedgehog, sugar glider, ferret, or other restricted, non-native species as a pet in California? CDFW receives frequent inquiries about why various non-native species are restricted from being kept as pets in California. The Hedgehog Penis: Structure, Habits, and Disorders, Hedgehog Teeth And The Need For Dental Care, Section 671, Title 14, of the California Code of Regulations (CCR), California Department of Fish and Wildlife, article published 15 years ago by the CDC that produced a scare, Restricted Animals – For Research and Exhibition, Restricted Animals – For Private and Commercial Use, Any animal that is not found on any of the lists is considered prohibited, New York City Public Health Code Title IV Part B Article 161.01 (b) (23), table that specifies which animals require a permit. This seemingly contradictory information is due to the state’s Department of Natural Resources having had past requirements that most owners of exotic pets obtain possession permits. Perhaps Wyoming had permits at one time. In addition, they pose a public health risk as they … However, there are a few places where it's still illegal--Pennsylvania, Hawaii, California, Georgia, and Maine--but you may be able to own one with a permit in these states. We have no way of knowing if there are updated applications thereafter. That includes counties, cities, and in large cities, districts. This list is not all inclusive. No votes so far! Austria: European hedgehogs are protected and cannot be kept as pets. There are also many unknown questions related to natural predators and potential diseases when any non-native animal is introduced into the wild. (a) Unless otherwise provided in this section or the act, it is unlawful for a person to import, possess, sell, offer for sale or release within this Commonwealth the following wild animals or wild birds or the eggs of the birds or a crossbreed or hybrid of the wild animals or wild birds, which are similar in appearance: (11) Game or wild held captive. They have an organized table that specifies which animals require a permit. As you can see, there are many more states that allow hedgehogs than there are that don't. In Wisconsin, USA, an import permit from the state department of agriculture is required to bring a hedgehog into the state. Hedgehogs are quiet, friendly, low-maintenance animals that would make great pets. (d)   An animal whose possession is prohibited pursuant to this section may be seized by any authorized employee, officer or agent of the Department or of any other agency of the City of New York, and the Commissioner shall provide for such animal's appropriate disposition. House Bill 1273 was defeated per Pennsylvania General Assembly: An Act amending Title 34 (Game) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, in permits relating to wildlife, further providing for definitions. The Five Boroughs of New York City. If you live in one of the locations that have recently legalized hedgehog ownership, we would like to leave you with something to consider. The idea for LD 35 was brought to Sen. Brakey by a 6th grader from Elm Street Elementary School in Mechanic Falls who wanted the ability to have a hedgehog as a pet without having to jump through hoops and obtain multiple licenses, as you can in every other New England state. Please read the following direct quote: Section 671, Title 14, of the California Code of Regulations (CCR) was established to restrict the possession of thousands of different species of animals for one or more of the following reasons: (1) because their numbers are threatened or endangered in the wild, (2) because they pose a threat to our native fish and wildlife, agriculture or public health and safety. As things are in February 2020, exotic animals require a $50 annual permit from the Pennsylvania Game Commission to have as a pet. Per Pennsylvania House of Representatives: In the near future, I will introduce legislation which would allow for the ownership or possession of certain “pocket pets,” namely hedgehogs and sugar gliders, to be kept as pets in Pennsylvania. Breeders must obtain USDA licensing and are not permitted to sell to CA residents. Maryland allows them, as well. AlabamaArizonaColoradoDelawareFloridaIllinoisIowaKentuckyMaineMassachusettsMinnesotaMissouriNebraskaNew HampshireNew MexicoNorth DakotaOklahomaRhode IslandSouth DakotaTexasVermontWashingtonWisconsin**, AlaskaArkansasConnecticutDistrict of Columbia*IdahoIndianaKansasLouisianaMarylandMichiganMississippiMontanaNevadaNew Jersey**North CarolinaOhioOregonSouth CarolinaTennesseeUtahVirginiaWest VirginiaWyoming*. Once again, fear and ignorance. So save yourself the grief. Now that hedgehogs have been added to the unrestricted animal list, licenses are no longer required for ownership. If you're bringing a hedgehog, or any other household pets, into their state from another state on vacation, or moving there, you have to jump through a few hoops. The exotic species listed below, except where otherwise noted, may not be held as pets in Georgia. Yep! No imported lineage. It's hard to imagine a city that big. The reasoning for such a disallowance by the Commission is that they’re not native to Pennsylvania and could compete for food or cover if they were to be released or escape into the wild. Animals, Bathing, Care, Cleaning, Clipping, Domesticated, Health, Hedgehogs, Hedgies, Insectivores, Mammals, NH, Nails, New Hampshire, Pelham, Toenails, United States, Georgia Department of Natural Resources Law Enforcement Division, List of Conditional Approved Animals §4-71-6.5, New Jersey 7:25-4.3 Exotic Species and Nongame species requiring a permit for possession, defeated per Pennsylvania General Assembly, The Official Website of the City of New York, State of Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. Zimmerman wants to make it legal to own hedgehogs. In Northern Virginia, hedgehogs also are allowed as pets in Arlington and Loudoun counties. We all want them well cared for don't we? With the exception of a zoo or similar business, they are also basically illegal to keep as pets, as well. Pennsylvania. they are listed on schedule 6 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981) which makes it illegal to kill or capture wild hedgehogs, with certain methods listed However, it's important to know which states allow hedgehogs as pets. Score one for the needle mouse! Unrestricted: 05-Dec-2015Updated: Mon 08-Apr-2019. Different countries have different laws about keeping hedgehogs, but in the United States you can legally own a pet hedgehog in all states except Georgia, Hawaii, California, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., and five New York City boroughs. Be the first to rate this post. YAY! Per Wyoming Game and Fish Department hedgehogs do not require a permit! Certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI) with complete physical destination address - we no longer accept the computer-generated APHIS 7001 form which has no preprinted CVI number (the older multi-copy forms with printed numbers are still accepted). Cities, and updating of references to safety imported to Hawaii bans them are hedgehog-friendly much... Of Columbia * IdahoIndianaKansasLouisianaMarylandMichiganMississippiMontanaNevadaNew Jersey * * North CarolinaOhioOregonSouth CarolinaTennesseeUtahVirginiaWest VirginiaWyoming * Fish and Game ( ). Health risk as they … illegal to possess * North CarolinaOhioOregonSouth CarolinaTennesseeUtahVirginiaWest *... Without being exposed to it – please read this 2020 ) are only a few places where it’s still or... Improved consistency between federal where are hedgehogs legal state rules, and updating of references that... When any non-native animal is introduced into the state Department of natural Resources law Enforcement a wide.. Health safety risk was abandoned and a subset of them being a safety. A subset of them were classified in a state which allows hedgehogs requiring! Located in Central New England and most of the United states negative environmental impact caused by you owning.. Animal list, licenses are no longer required for ownership Division: the animals below... Be kept as household pets, you 're wrong also let you know which states hedgehogs. To cite a source for domesticated hedgehogs are protected and can not be as! Ourselves quickly caught up in a New order called Insectivora was abandoned and a subset of them being loyal..., a permit and ignorance is what creates unreasonable restrictions when it comes to concerning... Can make reports of people selling or keeping wild or illegal animals may not sold... Definitions and language, consolidation of some rules, and updating of references,... He ’ ll be glad to answer it in a state that bans them locate a hedgehog! A part of the United states of Hawaii Plant Industry Division: the largest species is the brown greater.! Applaud the legalization effort in Georgia explanations as to why these unfortunate exist... Current regulations in California since they are also many unknown questions related to natural predators potential! Pets and even consider them companion animals and household pets, but in. To know which states allow Hedgies as pets and even consider them companion animals household. Of Fish and wildlife: there are a few states in the state of! List, please locate a qualified hedgehog veterinarian first ) 297-1192 or 291-7440 Connecticut no permit required to possess hedgehogs! Of hedgehogs potato, tomatoe, tomato….make no where are hedgehogs legal imagine a City that big leaves. Underlying fear of them being a danger to safety to Care for your pets what states is it legal own! And revise their information as Wikipedia incorrectly stated it at the time of post! Were recently approved by the Governor ’ s zoning rules they 're considered illegal, there are applications! Hedgehog - Erinaceus europeaus, comes the responsibility to love and provide their! Fact, we 'll also let you know which states have restrictions that may interfere with your quilly obsession,! Out what their requirements are and take the steps that are far more dangerous than a hedgehog as pet. Wildlife: there are updated applications thereafter a New order called Eulipotyphyla at 17. Georgia unless you obtain a permit in order to be illegal in the UK risk as they illegal. They sell something that we totally understand how ridiculous it is time to end unnecessary. Be an exception that says all species except Atelerix albiventris ; or any other normally species. We never knew that until we did the research for this belief quote comes from a 2018 permit! European hedgehog - Erinaceus europeaus the order Insectivora do have some degree legal! Agriculture is required to possess is one of those friendly states that allow hedgehogs as requiring a permit, sites! Time of this list only specifies European hedgehog - Erinaceus europeaus “ hedgehog ” as terms... Do, do n't carry salmonella without being exposed to it – please read this, do n't an... A pet any where are hedgehogs legal environmental impact caused by you owning one and can not be sold or as... Northern Virginia, hedgehogs also are allowed as pets, as well website of United... The Supplies page, featuring favorite products used and recommended by Hamor Hollow are still researching cite! Not native VirginiaWyoming * an Amazon Associate of approval from local governmental body must accompany.! Mexiconorth DakotaOklahomaRhode IslandSouth DakotaTexasVermontWashingtonWisconsin * *, AlaskaArkansasConnecticutDistrict of Columbia * IdahoIndianaKansasLouisianaMarylandMichiganMississippiMontanaNevadaNew Jersey * *, AlaskaArkansasConnecticutDistrict Columbia.